Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Don't Forget The Ears!

Skin inflammation of the ear skin
Shampoos, cleaning compounds on your glasses, and chemicals from your hands can cause the skin condition pictured here. Ears can also burn, they can dry out and get flakey patches,  and they can get moles. It's important to get sunscreen that will be protective but not greasy and irritating to the ears or surrounding scalp. In this picture the ear is very irritated and inflamed, and yet will still need sun protection. The inert compounds in powdered sunscreen such as what is available through Hada Cosmetic Medicne's Colorescience line can provide protection which will enable protection against the ravages of the sun, and in this case, in addition to treatment, the skin can be shielded safely.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Check This Mole Before You Have Laser or Cosmetic Treatments

Any moles that are enlarging, not a single color, have irregular boarders or bleed may be a sign of something more serious. You need medical evaluation and possibly a biopsy before you get any sort of laser or cosmetic treatment to be safe. Even if your mole doesn't look as angry as this one, it may be best to have some of the moles removed in your treatment areas before proceeding with cosmetic treatments. And this is additionally why you want to have a medical professional perform an evaluation on a regular basis.